We also specialize in documentaries, reality shows and TV series. We can create from beginning to end and hand it to you ready to air.
We are a full service production company focused mainly on filming different content in the United States and Canada for international television stations. We are ready to make your next project easier than you ever dreamed possible. We are an experienced team of producers, researchers, journalists, reporters, directors and videographers. We have a large range of equipment in-house, including cameras and lights. We create and film story driven content to customize a personal approach for our unique clients.
Helping you find speakers for your TV shows, news, documentaries, etc. Arranging interviews with all type of speakers such as politicians, celebrities, athletes, scholars, people with interesting stories, etc. Our strength is the ability to track and get most talents inclined to participate in your projects.
Filming all type of content: commercials, events, news and current affairs, interviews,
b roll, documentary shoots, etc. Providing the best fixers, producers, directors, videographers and reporters in each city of the United States and Canada.
Our goal is to film our clients inspiring and meaningful stories. The ability to take projects while maintaining tight deadlines and strict budgets, is our forte. We are humble, easy to work with and would love to bring our passion to your next project.
Natalie was born in Eastern Europe. She has always been curious and wanted to know more about the world and its people. As a child she watched all TV shows and thought that she would love to be a part of that world. So she dared to take the step into the unknown but highly attractive field of TV broadcasting. She was very young at the time and she didn't care that she wouldn't make a career out of it because it gave her a new hobby. Natalie's successful career is the results of her daring decision. It took a lot of hard work, knock backs, dedication and passion but she believes it's been worth it.

She has 15 years of experience working in television. She started her career working in Public Relations for MTV Network. She also worked as a producer, director and a reporter for major networks. She has had an opportunity to work on all kinds of productions, from reality shows to documentaries; news to tv series; television commercials to music videos.

Natalie is strong in her organization skills, great with contributors, very good at interviewing and getting people to be comfortable. Her favorite type of TV projects is documentaries. She loves to tell stories though her projects. Stories that will change lives, motivate and inspire others. Stories that are hard to believe and hard to hear.

Today Natalie's production company films many different stories for news, talk and reality shows , documentaries for television all over the wold. She is also always happy to collaborate with other productions as a producer. Natalie has an eclectic list of contacts in TV, music, sports, politics and other industries.
Natalie Mak, CEO
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